Company Profile

Management policies & Guidelines for action

Management policies

  1. To complete the corporate governance with "Transparency" and "Fairness".
  2. To be a reliable and sincere company based on "Understanding" and "Dignity".
  3. To establish a creative and intellectual organization, based on the creativity of each employee in a positive work environment that is inclusive, respectful of human rights and free from harassment.
  4. To show the significance of existence through providing added value and solutions to our customers.
  5. To contribute development of our world through the sales of specialty pipes.

Guidelines for action

  1. Feel the change of times in advance, with enhancing your sensitivity.
  2. Challenge new assignments with your wisdom and courage.
  3. Establish the reputation with sincerity first.


K&I Tubular Corporation was established in March 2000, with the unique idea to aim a new leading company for Specialty Pipe Export from Japan as the joint venture between Kawasho Corporation (current JFE Shoji Trade Corporation) and Itochu Corporation (current Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc.). Exporting sections of specialty pipe of both parent companies were separated and merged to form K&I with the intention to enhance strong points of both companies as well as covering weak points, nevertheless those two companies have competed each other.
The company has been growing more than expected and nowadays we handle almost all part of export of the Specialty Pipe produced by JFE Steel, and is increasing the trade amount with other suppliers.
The great success is accomplished by the spirit of employees from the both parents companies to respect each other and absorb strong points from others cooperatively, though they have different company culture and background. The strong support from the both parents companies and JFE Steel Corporation is also the reason of our success.
Under the rapid change of the economic environment, we have to keep making new actions prospecting the future. It is always our goal to contribute the society with exporting the specialty pipe by keeping the enthusiasm of the foundation to grow the company.

Profile of K&I

Name : K&I Tubular Corporation
Establishment : March 2000
Head Office : 2-1,Otemachi 2-Chome,Chiyodaku,Tokyo Japan
Shin Otemachi Bldg.
President : Mitsuru Anezaki
Employees : 21
Capital : 50Million JPY
Share Holders : JFE Shoji Corporation 60%
Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. 40%
Operation : Export/Overseas Trade of Specialty Pipe /Tube

Shareholders of K&I

K&I's Business Field

Boiler Tube

  • Coal Fire Power Plant
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Process Pipe

  • Petrochemical Refinery
  • Ethylene Plant
  • Desalination Plant
  • LNG Plant
  • Semiconductor Fab

Mechanical Tube

  • High Strength Tube for various vehicle
  • CNG Cylinder Tube

Mother Pipe for Tube and Fitting